Reviews & Repertoire

"The New York Times" Will Crutchfield

...splendid players, prominent on the studio and free-lance NY scene ... every phrase spoke with clarity, motion and grace ... The players did the music proud.

"The NY Times" Jon Pareles

... ensemble work poised and exact...

"The NY Times" Peter G. Graves

Dennis Russell Davies, Conductor with the New York Philharmonic at Avery Fisher Hall

...effect of this unusual combination turned out to be all together exhilarating. Hampton's work was beautifully played by the orchestra and the NYSQ, which commissioned it.

"Cadence" Bob Rusch

Record Review

...sounds like no other quartet in jazz, it's more mainstream in its improvisations ... reaches out and touches the senses.

"Downbeat" Scott Hamilton

Interview by Leonard Feather

...probably the best sounding classical type sax that I've ever heard ... but warmer and nicer than records of other legitimate type saxophonists.

"Downbeat" Bill Shoemaker

...performs classical literature with precision and sensitivity ... improvised solos and ensemble flourishes in their jazz repertoire have the requisite technical flexibility and emotional forthrightness.

"Jazz Educator's Journal"

Record Review

... from bari to soprano gives a gorgeous blend of voices that play as tightly as a literal unit of one... the textures and timbres are luscious and rich.

"Boston Phoenix" Bob Blumenthal

Record Review

...displays a unity that goes beyond shared dexterity and clean tone. Each horn seems to breathe in common ... group's own propulsive attack lends spark.

"Saxophone Symposium" Ron Caravan

Record Review

...bright sound of great intensity ... flexible in their fine handling of the many delicacies within the music ... possesses the power and drive required of the American jazz musician ... sound as a classical quartet when the music warrants.

"New York Post" George Simon

Jazz at Noon — Les Lieber

...the NYSQ enthralled them ... gorgeous blend, phrasing beautifully scored ensemble passages as one voice ... expert elegance ... strong rhythmic foundation to colorful works.

"Cadence" Christopher Kuhl

Record Review

...The NYSQ appeals to the jazz listener desirous of more intricately wrought compositions. The quartet breaths life into "La Blues", a lively tribute to Don Redman ... full of jazz ... devoid of any classical stiffness...

"Ottawa Citizen" Lois Moody

Record Review

... a quartet with exceptional talent with a library of fascinating music ... tonally rich and colorful, rhythmically sure and vibrant.

"Woodwind World" Brass and Percussion Vol. 14 No. 1

Paul Harvey

World Saxophone Congress Bordeaux, France

... immaculate precision, biting attack and impressive range of dynamics which are the hallmark of this virtuoso group.

"Santa Cruz Sentinel" Jan Zimmer

Cabrillo Festival

... quartet worked together like bees in a hive, creating sonorities sweet as honey ... Precision with which these four play is phenomenal. The tonal textures they create are constantly conjuring up images ... May more composers take up the challange to write for this marvelous instrumental ensemble.

"San Francisco Chronicle" Robert Commanday

In Aptos — The Hampton Concerto

... superior musicians either singly as the melody line or cadenzas passed one to the other, or in an ensemble that seems to be electrically joined...

"Santa Cruz Independent" Rebekah Levy

Cabrillo Music Festival

... everyone involved played with warmth, finesse and class ... caliber of their individual and ensemble musicianship left no ear unamazed ... each work masterfully played. Lets hope we will be honored again in the near future by their music.

"The Instrumentalist" Eugene Rousseau

Record Review

... one is drawn to the beauty and variety of the NYSQ ... musically of the first order ... highly artistic presentation of a great ensemble making music on a great family of instruments.

"Roslyn News" Roslyn, LI

Bryant Library Concert

... inspired saxophonists ... repertoire of fascinating variety must be commended for their artistry.

"Crescendo International" Paul Harvey

World Saxophone Congress, Toronto

... ultimate professionals. Playing has everything--from an attack like a knee in the crotch to pianissimo chords like a summer breeze too gentle to ruffle a butterfly's wings.

"East Hampton Star" Ted Strongin

Historical Society Concert

... Extraordinary sense of ensemble, every accent, color, detail of phrasing exactly in place ... at no point just technicians ... feeling was what counted.

"St. Paul Pioneer Press" John H. Harvey

St Paul Chamber Orchestra, Dennis Russell Davies Conductor

Masters of their instruments ... brilliantly effective ... performance had to be heard to be believed.

"Minneapolis Tribune" Michael Anthony

... play extremely well together ... sound is vivid and polished.

Repertoire List

Our library is extensive, including a large collection of original works commissioned expressly for the NYSQ. A total listing is available upon request.

Three Intentions for Saxophone Quartet (2010) - Steve Kenyon

Élégie à nos mères ~ Suite in 4 movements (2010) - Dennis Anderson

La Noche Festiva ~ Suite in 5 movements (2010) - Dennis Anderson

Three Conversations for Saxophone Quartet - Jim McNeely

Funk in the Box - Michael John Mollo

Converging Voices (2007) - Hubert 'Tex' Arnold

Jazz Suite (Esquisses pour quatour de saxophones) - Pedro Iturralde

Mosaic - Michael Holober

Market Forces (2005) - Eric Moe

Canzona Corrente - Dennis Anderson

Rhapsody for Saxophone Quartet - Eric Ewazen

Three AmericanDances - Edward Paul Mascari

Drift - Dorothy Hindman

Three Pieces by Monk - arr. Dan Block

A Visit From Home - Dennis Anderson

Quartet #1 - Bob Mintzer

Three Gershwin Preludes - .arr. Bill Grossman

Wapango - Paquito D’Rivera

Victor Young Medley - arr. Frank Perowsky

Trois Pieces for Saxophone Quartet - Isaac Albeniz

Baroque Suite - trans. by Mordechai Rechtman

July - Michael Torke

Harold Arlen Odyssey - Hubert Arnold

Saxophone Quartet #1 - John Carisi

Introduction and Allegro - Milan Kaderavek

Histoires - Jacques Ibert

Grave et Presto - Jean Rivier

Suite for Saxophones - Katherine Hoover